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Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trail
Trail head and Facilities - 5 stars
Signage and Maps - 5 stars
Scenery - 4 stars
Scenic Points - 3 stars
Technical - 2 stars
Uniqueness - 1 stars
Total = 20

Trail Type
Wolf Pen Gap is one of the top used trail systems in the state of Arkansas. The trails here range from roads, trails, to rocky trails.
Skill Level
Easiest to Most Difficult
Recommended Users
ATV, SxS, and Off-Highway Motorcycles

Technical Locations
The only technical trail would be the hawks overlook trail. While to a newer rider the other trails may be harder the experienced riders looking for a thrill would be more suited for the hawks trail.
Machine Modification
Stock machines will do fine.

Trail heads, Signage, and Maps

Wolf Pen Gap has four railheads. These trail heads have vault toilets and spare maps. The size of the parking area varies from trail head to trail head.
Campgrounds and Cabins are located all round the trail system. A few of these campgrounds and cabins are Outback Cabins, Wolf Pen Campground, Heath Valley Cabins, Camp Wolf Creek Springs and many more. These camps allow you to ride from the campground or cabin straight to the trail without needing to trailer to a trail head.
Signage is ok in this area. Over the years this area has lost trail markers and from time to time can prove difficult when navigating when faced with a fork in the trail.

Points of Interest, Scenery and Uniqueness
Wolf Pen Gap has several points of interest. The Mine Shaft, Hawks Overlook, and High Point are good examples of some of the sights to been seen at this trail system.
This trail system is very unique. What makes it so unique is all the OHV related businesses you have access to from the trail and open roads. This trail system has access to over a dozen Cabins and or Campgrounds.

Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trail
Mena, Arkansas
Wolf Pen Gap Map
Mena/Oden District

Wolf Pen Gap Map

Points of Interest

1. High Point
High Point

2. Hawks Overlook
Hawks Overlook Sign


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