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Mill Creek OHV Trail
Technical - 5 stars
Trailhead and Facilities - 3 stars
Scenic Points - 3 stars
Scenery - 3 Stars
Signage and Maps - 2 stars
Uniqueness - 1 star
Total = 17

Trail Type
Mill Creek is for more advanced riders. The riding here is rocky and rough. Not the ideal place for a new rider. Side by Sides may have trouble here or there depending on which routes they take.
Skill Level
Easy to Most Difficult
Recommended Users
ATV, SxS, and Off-Highway Motorcycles

Technical Locations
Hill Climbs - Check
Big rocks in the way - Check
Ok good to go! This is an ideal area for those who like advanced riding areas. Expect a rocky terrain with a few great hill climbs.
Machine Modification
Though not required I recommend a good set of skid plates and(or) aftermarket tires that will raise the machine a few inches and a winch for the wetter areas.

Trail heads, Signage, and Maps

Mill Creek Trail head You can expect to pay a day use fee here. Extra maps are often provided to this trail head. This trail head provides a vault toilet and a loading ramp.
Signage is in poor condition at this trail. Some areas have an abundance of markers and others have no markings what so ever. If you are curious where you are or don't like being turned around I would suggest bringing a GPS.

Points of Interest, Scenery and Uniqueness
Mill creeks is pretty basic when it comes breath-taking points of interest or scenery. Don't get the wrong the trail system is enjoyable and I have no problem riding here but when you compare it to other locations it is just "ok". It has a few creek crossing that are worth seeing and a decent overlook but its nothing worth getting in a frenzy to see.
Nothing really unique with this trail system other than the hint of old homesteads from time to time.

Mill Creek OHV Trail
Cass, Arkansas
Mill Creek Map
Boston Mountain District

Moccasin Gap

Trail Pictures

Mill Creek

Mill Creek

Mill Creek

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