The highest mountain range in Arkansas.
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Huckleberry Mountain Trail
Scenic Points - 5+ stars
Trailhead and Facilities - 4 stars
Technical - 4 stars
Signage and Maps - 4 stars
Uniqueness - 3 stars
Scenery - 2 stars
Total = 22

Trail Type
Huckleberry Mountain trail including Bell Springs and Apple Loop has a mix of smooth to rough terrain. Most of the trail is on the rougher side. You can expect heavily rocky areas and long stretches of trail with nothing but rock.
Skill Level
Easiest to Most Difficult
Recommended Users
ATV, SxS, and Off-Highway Motorcycles

Technical Locations
It is really hard to give this trail system a rating of 4. My reasoning for such a high rating is because of the high amount of rock that covers the trail. To inexperienced users negotiating the high concentration of rock can prove challenging. There is only a few locations with decent hill climbs or washouts that can prove to be difficult.
Machine Modification
I would recommend a good set of skid plates or a set of tires that raise the machine up an inch or two from stock but not required.

Trailheads, Signage, and Maps

Sorghum Hollow Campground is accessible through Midway Arkansas. You can expect to pay a day use fee or camping fees. Extra maps are often provided to this trailhead. This trailhead provides camping spots without hookups and a vault toilet.
Mt. Magazine camp is a primitive campground(no known fees) close to the Mt. Magazine Lodge. This parking area does not provide any maps, information kiosks, or facilities.
Signage is ok in this area. Over the years this area has lost trail markers and from time to time can prove difficult when navigating when faced with a fork in the trail.

Points of Interest, Scenery and Uniqueness
Mt. Magazine has several points of interest. The ones I have listed just scratch the surface of the unique areas you will find when out on their trails. Scenery on the trail is nice but not spectacular compared to other trail systems out there.
One thing Mt. Magazine has though is several unique things for ATV's. Arkansas's ATV laws allow enough flexibility to travel to three locations to have lunches(restaurants) and right up the road after you are done riding you can always end the day up at the majestic Mt. Magazine lodge(Note* Arkansas State Park's does not allow OHV recreation inside its borders)

Huckleberry Mountain Trail
Paris, Arkansas
Magazine Mountain Map
Magazine District

*Note* Any route custom added by me(in orange) are not a designated route for OHV's thanks to the Ozarks MVUM. To keep things legal you may need to walk to these locations.

Points of Interest

1. St. Louis Valley Overlook
St. Louis Valley Overlook

2. Buzzard Rock
Buzzard Rock

Buzzard Rock

3.Big Shoal Creek Bluff
Big Shoal Bluff

Big Shoal Bluff

4. Gobbel Branch Crossing
Gobbel Branch

Gobbel Branch

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