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Fourche Mountain Trail
Scenery - 4 stars
Signage and Maps - 3 stars
Technical - 3 stars
Trail head and Facilities - 1 star
Uniqueness - 1 star
Scenic Points - 1 stars
Total = 13

Trail Type
Fourche is more of a rougher trail system. Its not considered a hard trail system but the terrain includes a lot of rocks depending on the trail.
Skill Level
Easiest to Most Difficult
Recommended Users
ATV, SxS, and Off-Highway Motorcycles

Technical Locations
This trail system is not technical for the thrill seeker. New riders may have trouble from time to time but experienced riders do not have trouble here.
Machine Modification
Stock machines will do fine. SxS may have a few tight spots.

Trail heads, Signage, and Maps

Fourche has a parking area. That's just about it. You will most defiantly need to bring your own maps.
Signage is in ok-poor condition. Some areas have lost their markers where as others have markers that do not match the rest of the system.

Points of Interest, Scenery and Uniqueness
This trail system can be real scenic but is not packed with unique points of interest like other trail systems in this area have. Overall it may not have the "bang" that some have, like magazine for example, but it makes up for it in scenery and character.
This trail system does not have any unique areas(that are still open). You can access the roads south of the trail system to head out to campgrounds and lakes but you will need to know the area or have maps in order to do so.

Fourche Mountain Trail
Y City, Arkansas
Fourche Mountain Map
Poteau/Cold Springs District

Fourche Map

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