Ouachita National Forest covers 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma
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Ouachita National Forest

Places to Ride

Sugar Creek - Booneville

Fourche - Y City

Wolf Pen Gap - Mena

Poteau - (Under Construction)

Ouachita National Forest
Rules and Regulations


  • Pack it In, Pack it Out

  • Do not block, restrict, or interfere with the use of roads or trails.

  • Obey area and trail restrictions on use of trail bikes and other all-terrain vehicles.

  • You must pay a fee to use certain developed sites and facilities. Such areas are clearly signed or posted as requiring a fee.

  • Each OHV must have a muffler in good working condition and be equipped with an approved spark arrester.

  • When two or more OHVs are operating together on a road, they should be operated in single file.

  • Operators are prohibited from operating any vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics.

Arkansas Off-Road Rankings

1. Wolf Pen Gap
Trail head and Facilities - 5 stars
Signage and Maps - 5 stars
Scenery - 4 stars
Scenic Points - 3 stars
Technical - 2 stars
Uniqueness - 1 stars
Total = 20
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2. Poteau Mt.
Technical - 5+ stars
Uniqueness - 5 stars
Scenic Points - 4 stars
Scenery - 3 stars
Trail head and Facilities - 1 stars
Maps and Signage - 0 stars
Total = 18

3. Sugar Creek
Scenery - 5 stars
Signage and Maps - 4 stars
Uniqueness - 4 stars
Technical - 2 Stars
Trail head and Facilities - 1 stars
Scenic Points - 1 star
Total = 17
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4. Fourche
Scenery - 4 stars
Signage and Maps - 3 stars
Technical - 3 stars
Trail head and Facilities - 1 star
Uniqueness - 1 star
Scenic Points - 1 stars
Total = 13
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Overall Ouachita Map Ouachita Map of Trail Systems
This Picture shows an approximate location of the trails in the Ouachita National Forest. For more information about the Ouachita National Forest you can go to their website. www.aokforests.com

1. Sugar Creek
2. Fourche Mountain
3. Wolf Pen Gap

Wolf Pen Gap

Wolf Pen Gap
This trail system is one of the most ridden systems in Arkansas. Smooth for the most part and nothing that is really crazy other than the run to Hawks overlook.

Poteau Mt

Poteau Mountain
Great little overlook that gazes over the Arkansas state line with Poteau, Ok in sight.

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